4 hour MACD strategy

Forex Strategy

4 hour MACD strategy

Strategy collected from: mt5 forum
Currency pair: Any
Time frame: 4 hour
Indicator: MACD (5,13,1) & MA (8 EMA, 21 EMA, 89 SMA, 200 SMA & 365 EMA)
N.B.- Personally I think first 3 MA is enough… It’s my newbie thought.

I’ve taken USD/CHF pair as an example here… After opening the chart, put the MAs and MACD. You’ll look like it….

With the crossover of 8 EMA below the 21 EMA & 89 SMA line followed by 21 EMA line to cross below to the 89 SMA line supported by MACD below zero line— A sell signal…

As I was continuously studying keeping the charts minimized in the tray, sometimes I miss good opportunity in my demo trading. Here, see I could have entered the trade one candlestick back…..It could have given me some good pips….

As price moved towards my direction, I’ve moved my stop loss forward to a 15 pips gain level…. trailing stop…. I want to see, how long it can go from here…..

Let us see a little backwards by the time price continues to go down– There is a buy signal… about a week back…

With a strategy, continuous monitoring is needed to get into any trade and to achieve the best from a trade.

At last, the price hit the trailing stop loss at 20 pips gain.

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