Forex Market Advantages

In this page I have listed several reasons to start forex trading. Read and see that forex trading has lots of advantages. Some of them are:

A 24-hour market:
A trader may take advantage of market conditions at any time.

Highest liquidity:
The forex market with an average trading volume of over $1.5 trillion /day is known as the most liquid market in the world.

Low transaction cost:
The retail transaction cost is typically less than 0.1% under normal market conditions. At larger dealers, the spread could be less than 5 pips, and may widen considerably in fast moving markets.

Always a bull market:
A trade in the forex market includes selling/buying one currency using another. Thus, a bull market for a currency is defined as the outlook for its relative value against other currencies. If the outlook is positive or negative, we have a bull market in which a trader profits by buying or selling the currency against other currencies, respectively.

No one can control the market: As forex market is big and includes many participants, no single company/individual, can considerably inluence market price for an extended period of time. Interventions by mighty central banks are becoming increasingly ineffective and short-lived.

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